2018 College Fair Recruitment Report

On behalf of the FVSU Washington DC Metro Area Alumni Chapter College Fair Recruitment Committee, we would like to thank our alumni for your support in this recruitment of highly, astute and talented future Wildcats. Your efforts of support continues to be unwavering. And because of the efforts by this committee, we would like to present our annual college fair recruitment report for this year. The numbers for this year has dipped substantially, but the factors in the numbers are coinciding of a couple of the college fairs scheduling the same day with SAT testing. Meaning, the likelihood of students being in attendance, will ultimately be lower. Nevertheless, we continue to recruit what is available and to those students that are looking for a great education at THE Fort Valley State University.

The year 2019 will be here soon and we are preparing for new things and strategizing ways to reach as many young people in the Washington DC metropolitan area. We hope that our alumni can continue to support us by volunteering their time at these college fairs when the schedules are out. If you are unable to support us with your time of service, please, continue to give monetarily to the alumni chapter for the financial support we give to the students we recruit in this area. We need everyone to BE INVOLVED for the growth of our university and the alumni support for the future of our alumni chapter. Again, thank you and we will see you next year!