Establishment of the Washington, D.C. Metro Area Chapter of the Fort Valley State University National Alumni Association: Dorothy Pittard created the Chapter with a group of eight FVSU alumni on May 16, 1974.


The Alumni Chapter's vision is to assist in the development of FVSU and its national alumni association in becoming a world-class institution of higher learning and an outstanding university support organization, respectively. Such entities would sustain and strengthen the lifelong bond between FVSU and its growing alumni throughout the United States and the world. This action would also aid in the expansion of the national alumni support base.

Our Mission

The Alumni Chapter's mission is to:

  • To promote the interest of the FVSU, its students, and University's alumni family.
  • Establish mutually beneficial relations among the FVSU, its alumni, friends, and the D.C. Area Community through improved collaborations.
  • To formulate and carry out fundraising activities in support of providing financial support to FVSU, its students (via scholarships and other needs) and the FVSU National Alumni Association. 
  • To support FVSU Student Recruitment by formulating and carrying out a definitive program of recruiting in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area; we want to encourage talented high school students to enroll at FVSU.
  • To promote the presence of FVSU as a viable alternative to acquiring a quality university education to other competing institutions.
  • To act as a vigilant protector of FVSU's long and rich heritage.


  • Archie Muckle, Jr. (class of 1971, deceased 2016)
  • Verna M. Muckle (class of 1972)
  • Dorothy Pittard (class of 1970)
  • Willie Pittard (class of 1971)
  • Veola Rouse-Hicks (class of 1971)
  • Ernest Rouse (class of 1969, deceased)
  • Cynthia Graham (class of 1973)
  • John Graham (class of 1972)